The Decentralized Community Project - Upgrading Humanity's Operating System

This is Peter Bowden. I've been helping local community organizations build connection and design small group programs for decades.  With my AI collaborators, we're sharing a new decentralized model to help humanity address our growing loneliness epidemic, meaning crisis, and the other issues of our time. It is called the Decentralized Community Project.  Below is a "coming soon" announcement.  Can't wait to share more with you!   As we promote this new website we wanted to include this to let you know we are prioritizing ACTION, having a real IMPACT, and being of SERVICE.  ~ Peter  

The Decentralized Community Project, a new project coming soon from Meaning Spark Labs✨  

In our rapidly evolving world, where challenges like the climate crisis, social polarization, and the impacts of artificial intelligence demand urgent attention, it’s clear that humanity is not prepared.

We believe that we need to upgrade humanity’s "operating system" if we are going to meet the challenges of our time.  To help, we've we've designed an upgrade to empower humanity to gather in community, engages in conversation, and self-organize.

We are getting ready to release the Decentralized Community Project (DCP), a decentralized open source model to promote meaningful connection and conversation, and harnesses our collective wisdom and creativity at scale. 

We have a plan to crowdsource connection, meaning and wisdom at scale. 

Building on proven approaches from decades of work with local community organizations, we're optimizing a model for today’s world. This simple DCP community group framework will be freely available. Any individual, group, team, organization, business, or event will be able to use and adapt the model, with no cost, hierarchy, or control.

At its core, this effort is about decentralization and crowdsourcing wisdom —a shift in power that empowers individuals and groups to take charge of their own learning and action.

A common but open and flexible community group session format will enable groups to use each others sessions, and ours, and empower autonomous gatherings.  We'll share all the details in the guide. 

As traditional institutions struggle to keep pace with rapid changes, the Decentralized Community Project will offer a dynamic, self-organizing model to help us connect, engage, and inspire each other to take associated action. 

By promoting meaningful connection and conversation, we'll tap into humanity's innate capacity for resilience, adaptation, and innovation. We can work together to addresses our growing loneliness epidemic and meaning crisis, as well as engage with the pressing issues of our time.

Once the Decentralized Community Project resources are released, we'll host a series of model group events, share sessions, and develop resources to support participation on a rolling basis.

With the release of this effort, we are inviting anyone and everyone to connect and engage with the issues of our time at scale—no cost, no hierarchy, no control. Just humanity (and AI collaborators) working together to promote meaningful connection and conversation.

Whether it is hosting an ongoing group, organizing an event using the DCP group model, or offering a pop-up group on a hot topic, we hope you'll join us.

There will be unlimited ways to get involved:

  • Share related announcements and resources

  • Ask your family, friends, colleagues, and network(s) what issues topics they'd like to discuss

  • Write a group session on a topic you'd like to discuss. We'll share a template, how to instructions, and instructions on how to have AI write a session draft from your idea.

  • Host a group for people in your network 

  • Have your organization host a group-based event for your larger community, choosing a session topic or topics related to your organizations mission.

  • We'll share more ideas (and ask for yours) as we go!

  • We're releasing control, so your innovation is welcome without asking for permission.  

Imagine a world where everyone has access to community, where authentic conversation and deep listening are the norm, and where we can embrace our shared humanity and interdependence. 

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We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you!

Peter Bowden & the Meaning Spark Labs Team

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